Naglaa Modawi

Computer system and networks B.Sc. (Hons). With Experience 4 years of 360° Virtual Tours Creation, 360 Photography, front-end experience, Dedicated to Technology, I co-founded a startup specialized in VT, where I contributed to enhancing and developing customer service for various companies. Additionally, I held the position of project manager for several technology projects, overseeing development and implementation processes with a success rate of 100%.

MY Services

360 Virtual Tours

I assist real estate companies, hotels, restaurants, gyms, cafes, retail stores, and others in marketing operations through virtual tours, which are currently considered one of the latest and most distinguished technologies used globally in spatial marketing. I develop high-quality interactive virtual tours with clients, making it easier for them to save time, effort, money, and achieve many other benefits through virtual tours.

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Google Street View

When searching for any place online, the first thing a person does is search Google Maps to see available suggestions. Having a virtual tour for your business helps you appear in initial search results, enabling the person to visit the place, learn its details while being in their own space. This helps convert the person from just a searcher to a potential customer.

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Front-end Developer

I offer static website creation services for businesses and individuals, ensuring full compatibility across all screen sizes and accurately reflecting the brand identity. Additionally, I conduct website analytics using Google tools to enhance your web presence (SEO), guaranteeing better visibility on search engines. Feel free to contact me to learn more about the services I provide to meet your specific needs."

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Jul 2021 —Feb 2023

Virtual Tours Creator


Gather requirements and contents of virtual tours from clients.
Design and develop multiple virtual tours(VT) for various commercial projects based on brand identity.
Upload and manage the virtual tour on servers and Google Maps.
Monitor Google Analytics for the virtual tour and track the number of views within Google Maps.
Extract all data that helps in developing and improving the service for the client.

Jan 2022— 2023

360° Panorama Photographs


My tasks involved capturing 360-degree photos, editing them, and then explaining how to upload them to Facebook pages.

Feb 2021 — present

Front end Developer, web designer


Communicating with clients and gathering all necessary requirements to create websites that achieve satisfactory results for them.
Designing the website initially and presenting it to the client, then developing it to achieve the desired goals.
Taking into consideration the companies' visual identity and developing fully responsive websites compatible with all screen sizes.
Implementing all necessary measures to improve the website, including Google analytics and optimizing site speed.
Managing websites starting from domain registration and hosting, then uploading the website and monitoring it.

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020

Front end developer

Sudan university of science and information technology

Analyzing the website for redesign and development through discussions with the team.
Full collaboration with the team to understand job requirements and ensure complete consistency and task performance accurately.
Developing and implementing programming tasks, converting the university's website designs into interactive web pages consistent across various browsers and devices.

Feb 2020 - Jul 2021

Teaching assistant

Sudan university of science and information technology

I worked as a teaching assistant at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, where I taught the practical aspect of Web Applications for second-level students.


Bachelor / Computer System And Networks

Sudan University Of Science And Technology
October 2014 - November 2018

Virtual tours projects


Alrowad for Real Estate

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Al Raqi Tourist Restaurants

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Mileston Company

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DSE Company

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Virtual Property Tour

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Alrowad for Real Estate

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Google Street View projects

غابة السنط

Santi Forest

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virtual art gallary tour

Virtual art Exhibition

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Yala Business Center

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360 Real estate

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Google map

Restaurant On google map

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Website projects


Blueteel Internatonal Company

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Mala Medical Co.Ltd.

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Tanweer Company

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Baranda for Virtual Tour

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platform real Estate

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Hard Skills

  • Virtual tours software
  • google maps virtual tours
  • 360 camera
  • SEO
  • google analytics
  • GTmetrix (P.T)
  • Version control(GitHub)
  • front end developer tools(HTML,css,js,Boot strap,jQuery,adobe XD)

Soft Skills

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Time Management Slills
  • Business development
  • Project management
  • Communication skills
  • Work With Team